About Me


Hello and welcome to Holaweg, my online home, where you'll find my original art &  hand-made silver jewellery. I'm Suzy; a tea addict, animal lover, artist, crafter, wonderer and wanderer, I live in the city but dream of the forest. My patron saint is the Green Man and my favourite places are at home by the hearth or rambling down a holloway or through a forest. I am inspired by pagan ideas and nature, fairy tales, English and European folklore and traditions, animals wild and domestic, the natural world and magic of all kinds. 

I'm a self-taught artist and I enjoy drawing with fineliners, and painting with acrylics and watercolours. I think my style has something of a folk art feel to it and I've also been told that it is reminiscent of the illustrations in childrens' fairy stories. I have recently started making silver jewellery, another new creative journey which I am enjoying every step of. 

The name Holaweg comes from the Anglo-Saxon hola weg, meaning a holloway, a harrowed path, or a sunken road.  In his wonderful book, "The Wild Places", Robert McFarlane gives this definition - "a route that centuries of use have eroded down into the bedrock, so that it is recessed beneath the level of the surrounding landscape. Most holloways will have started out as drove roads, paths to market. Some as Saxon or pre-Saxon boundary ditches. And some... as pilgrim paths".

I first chose this name for myself as I became aware of holloways while hiking the countryside of Hampshire, the county where I am currently settled. These sunken pathways enclosed all over in greenery seemed both magical and liminal spaces to me, where you could see outwards onto fields and farmland, yet feel enclosed in somewhere slightly apart and out of time. This seemed like the perfect metaphor for the state of mind I enter when I paint or make something; with a foot in both the magical and mundane worlds as inspiration leads me away on a ramble. Thus Holaweg came into being. I hope you will enjoy visiting my online home and perhaps share my pilgrim path of creation and dreaming with me for a while.

Safe in the Thicket by Suzy Fieldhouse